Sheridan - Continent

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Sheridan - Continent

Post  Tiggi on Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:32 am

The continent where some charries live is called 'Sheridan'. There are 4 different counties 'Melbourne', 'Arabaynee', 'Caelin' and 'Animai'. In 'Melbourne' there are 7 different towns, and at least 10 big villages. In 'Arabaynee' there are 5 towns, and 14 large villages. In 'Caelin' there are 8 towns and 8 villages. And In 'Animai' there are 9 towns and 5 large villages. 'Melbourne' is a county with a dislike of other counties, there is only humans living there. 'Arabayee' is a county with many different types of magical creatures, it is known for its dislike of humans, especially 'Animai'. 'Caelin' is a peaceful place with any beings. 'Animai' is known for its Green clad knights, although it does not want war.
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