Hellenea - Continent

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Hellenea - Continent

Post  Tiggi on Sat May 15, 2010 12:51 am

Hellenea is a continent separated by the rest. Its a small continent with only two countries, Sassena and Lennia. Sassena and Lennia have mostly the same terrain, rocky mountains, and lush forests and fields. Most of the towns and villages in Lennia are farming, but some by the sea are fishing. In Sassena there are many mining towns, and some farming and fishing. There are domesticated Wyvens who fly the skies of Hellenea. These creatures are like horses in the way they act to humans. If they are wild, which most are, they will run, but if they are used to humans, they will let you get close. There is only one royal family, and they rule all of Hellenea.
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